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Enhance your clean by adding our bundle brush kit into your cleaning rotation. This 3 Pack Cleaning Brush Set is complete with a Soft Bristle Brush, Medium Bristle Brush and Hard Bristle Brush. 





    We have taken great care and time to ensure that our product gives you a great cleaning experience

    Due to the delicate nature of our products  we do not accept returns.


    We will honor refunds under these conditions only:


    If our product(s) does not satisfy your cleaning needs please contact us via email or via our website contact page.

    After this initial contact a representative of our company will assisted you with any problems that you may have

    If at any point our representative can not resolve the issues, then at the discretion of that representative, a refund will be granted



    Damaged Merchandise


    If your package is for some reason lost via mail we will replace the product free of charge

    If our product arrives to you damaged with the product being outside of its container or broken we will send another free of charge after a proof picture of damage is sent to us.

  • Shipping Information

    Please allow 3-5 days for delivery. This time frame is dependent on weather, holidays and weekends. For best results and communication efforts subscribe to our website for tracking information and assistance

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